Pedro González & Javi Cabrera by Joan Crisol for MODUS VIVENDI.

MODELS: Pedro González and Javi Cabrera

Exclusive interview with model Javi Cabrera.

How did the pandemic disturb your life and have you managed to find balance?
Practically our life has changed a lot with this pandemic, we had to change our lifestyle, having to stop seeing people we love and not being able to visit other countries. How did I find a balance? Well, taking advantage of every moment that life gives us to laugh, enjoy and be happy with what we have and be positive.

Originality and Authenticity we all say it’s important but hard to be; do you self-assess and keep it real?
In my case, yes, I have always done what I wanted and what I like. I don’t get carried away by fashions. I’d rather do something that I like and be happy than do something that everyone likes and be accepted. It’s so boring to be the same as everyone, that’s not my style. 

There’s a lot of talk for inclusion and diversity everywhere what do you think needs to be done in your country?
I think that in the modern world there are many problems, and every time the rich are richer and the poor poorer. If we all help and collaborate we could improve certain things in this world. 

What do you find sexy/sensual in your partner?
The way she looks at me and the attention he pays me. 

What is the one thing a. you do, b. having (item) & c. a person you really love?
I love to catch waves on the beach, sunbathe, or just watch the sea and relax

What do you want others remember you by? Your legacy so to speak for future generations
I would like to be remembered as a person who always did what he wanted, who enjoyed every moment and who liked to leave his mark wherever he went. 

What is beauty to you? Is it important to appreciate it?
Beauty is to show the authentic self. It is highly important to appreciate, and show!

Are you that guy that buys anything new and innovative?
I buy what I need and that’s it. As much as it is new or fashionable, if I don’t need it, I won’t buy it. I prefer to spend money on traveling or enjoying life. 

Communicating with ourselves and others is hard. Are you a direct person or do you use sideways to get there?
I’m usually shy, but if I have to communicate with someone or say something to them, I have no problem starting a conversation. Sometimes it’s okay to talk to more people so you get to know different opinions and points of view. 

What’s your harbor, your Ithaca?
Wherever happiness is, that will be my destiny and my place.

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