Hello my Name Is Jose.

Some years ago I started this adventure. It all started on Tumblr, a free and easy way to share the things I liked: men, photography and eroticism. It was a fun way to spend free time. Little by little, and thanks to the unconditional support of many of you, Eroticco became bigger and with the disappearance of Tumblr I decided to make the leap to start my own website with two main ideas in mind: that it should continue to be free for you and that you will find the best possible material, without censorship, restrictions and without complexes. But maintaining an active website costs money: servers, domains, … One option to obtain benefits would be through advertising, but I have never liked websites with intrusive ads that fill the entire screen and do not show what really matters. That is why the most viable option is through donations. So if you want to collaborate so that Eroticco continues to be free and you can continue to enjoy quality material, please make your donation with Paypal. Thanks a lot!

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