– EXCLUSIVE – Johnny Alves by Henrique Marques

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MODEL: Johnny Alves
PHOTOGRAPHER: Henrique Marques


Are you straight?
Yes, I am.
Have you ever heard any funny or weird pick-up line?
Yes, I do! But the worst pick-up line I’ve ever heard was when a girl asked what flavor I have, because she wanna «melt my popsicle».
What was the reason you made these photos? 
Because the photographer is great! He is very professional, he let me comfortable and confident to do the complete photoshoot! And nothing better than to show everyone that with a little discipline and sacrifice we achieve a fantastic result.
Physically, what you like the most in yourself? And what make you feel attracted to someone?
I like my back and my pecs. Confident women are so sexy! They turn me on… 
Do you have any sexual fantasy?
Make sex in the elevator. I just think of it and I have a hard-on!
And do you have any different sexual experience? Tell us.
I make sex in my car once. In movement. I asked her to sit in my lap and do it hard. It was awesome!



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