– «A MOMENT IN MEDITATION» – Karan Veer Mehra by Judhajit Bagchi.

The series captures the deconstruction of thoughts in an inhale-exhale moment during meditation, operating from the center of the calm, constantly fighting the inner battles of emotions and desire, attaining a moment of stasis.  

«Meditation has always been a difficult topic to understand and visually represent because of its ephemerality. There is a common belief with the word meditation which says closing of eyes and taking a deep breath will calm the mind. A conversation with one’s mind is generally not that simple. Many say that they cannot meditate as whenever they close their eyes tormenting thoughts keep rushing in their mind filling it up with fear. And out of my own experience I have realised that this is exactly where meditation begins. It is the moment to look at those fears and thank them for invading the mind space, acknowledging their presence and being aware of them. Asserting them as a part of ourselves conquering the fear with love.» – Judhajit Bagchi.

Artist Bio: Judhajit Bagchi is a film-maker and photographer. In 2020 he along with his co-filmmaker Ranadeep Bhattacharyya won the National Award for their short film on farmer suicide Children of the Soil. He has also won Cannes Dolphin twice in a row for his brand films. Being keenly interested in culture and heritage he has been publishing photographs & articles in Heritage India and Maharashtra Unlimited magazines. His photographs have also won in International Photo Awards and PX3.



MODEL and ACTOR: Karan Veer Mehra
PHOTOGRAPHER: Judhajit Bagchi
CONCEPT and CREATIVE DIRECTION: Judhajit Bagchi and Ranadeep Bhattacharyya
PROJECT: Yaannus Atelier / Yaannus Films


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