Rico Nantos by Stan for L’Homme Invisible.

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MODEL: Rico Nantos
UNDERWEAR: L’HOMME INVISIBLE – Viridios line – https://www.lhommeinvisible.com/boutique/fr/

  Luxury label L’Homme Invisible has just released the new images for its Viridios Line of underwear and T-Shirts. The French underwear and resort wear fashion house created yet another stunning line, featuring elegant styles that ooze confidence. Transparency and organic patterns play a significant role in the Autumn/Winter 2018-19 collection of the Parisian label, offering men today the big trends of tomorrow in underwear fashion.
  L’Homme Invisible’s Viridios Line comprises three underwear styles and a T-Shirt, all made from a top quality Italian lace. This delicate fabric is light as a feather and features an organic pattern never seen before in men’s underwear. All the items of this collection are handcrafted to perfection with the male anatomy in mind and put together with black detailing and the fewest seams possible for ultimate comfort. The underwear of this line comes in the trademark V-Boxers Push Up, Invisible Boxers and the String Striptease cuts. One more exquisite item in this line is the Viridios T-Shirt, made from the same lightweight fabric, perfect with the rest of the underwear of this line and your favourite pants alike.
  The campaign was photographed in Dublin, Ireland and was directed by the owner of the brand, Sandeep Sahni. The model goes by the name Ricardo and is of cuban descent. His attitude and hyper masculine looks made him the perfect choice to pose in the Viridios line designs. The new collection of the French brand is available from its official e-store and select retailers around the globe.

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