Konstantinos Konstantinou by Andreas Konstantinou for Modus Vivendi.

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MODEL: Konstantinos Konstantinou
PHOTOGRAPHER: Andreas Konstantinou
STYLIST: Christos Christou
MAKEUP: Crystal Michael

Celebrate your desire for a luxury piece of underwear by wearing the X Lux line.
Because you need a piece of underwear that stands out we created the X Lux line!

Beautiful luxury undergarments with rich fabric and shiny waistband, to dress you up during the most important days and nights of the winter.

Visiting a chalet or a friend’s house on the mountains? Having a romantic night in? The X Lux line will ensure your best looks.

Wrap yourself with the X Lux pieces and offer yourself as a present this season.

The X Lux line comprises of Brief, Boxer, Jockstrap, Bottomless & Tanga.

The Modus Vivendi X Lux Brief is available in black and grey, has the classic Modus Vivendi logo on the waistband which is extra brilliant and available in red or silver.

Made of soft velvet micromodal elastane fabric this brief is ultra luxury.

The rich Fabric the shiny waistband and the perfect fit makes this elevated brief the pride of your collection.

The X Lux Jockstrap will make sure it feels holidays every single day.

The Modus Vivendi X Lux underwear line is available from €33.30

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