Isaak Moreno by Joan Crisol for MODUS VIVENDI.

MODEL: Isaak Moreno

Exclusive interview with model Isaak Moreno.

How did the pandemic disturb your life and have you managed to find balance?
It has a very strong impact on our lives & has made us appreciate what really matters. On a professional and social level … adapting every day to the restriction measures, which implies a very drastic change in life. On a personal level it helped me to realize what I really want in life and fight for it until I achieve it.

Originality and Authenticity we all say it’s important but hard to be; do you self-assess and keep it real?
Yes… In life you always have to be authentic and never lose your essence… Originality is something very specific to each person. I’m always myself and maybe that’s what makes me feel good about myself, so you never stop being you.

There’s a lot of talk for inclusion and diversity everywhere what do you think needs to be done in your country?
Regarding this issue, I consider that my country has good social policies… It is a very sensitive issue. The important thing is to understand that we are all human beings and it doesn’t matter where you were born… Planet Earth belongs to everyone and everyone deserves to be helped and respected.

Do you believe in Utopia – what do you do to leave this world a better place?
Reality shows that Utopia does not exist… Unfortunately the human being is selfish by nature. Perhaps this pandemic has helped us to look at the whole and not only at ourselves. For my part, I always try to show empathy with others and seek well-being in others.

What do you find sexy/sensual in your partner?
The way she looks at me… after so long I still feel the same as the first time she did it… Although everything as a whole is something that attracts me a lot… so I can’t stop looking at her!

What is the one thing a. you do, b. having (item) & c. a person you really love?
Fight every day so that our love is eternal… Be a person who takes care of me, respects me and makes me feel special every day

We all need a win this year what is yours?
My victory would be that we manage to end this pandemic, to be able to continue with our lives… continue to grow professionally and ultimately be happy.

What do you want others remember you by? Your legacy so to speak for future generations
The way I am… I am a very positive person who always tries to see the good side of things and people. I would tell future generations not to settle, to fight for their dreams that with work and effort everything is achieved in this life.

What is beauty to you? Is it important to appreciate it?
Beauty is something very relative… what is beautiful for me may not be for someone else… For me beauty is everything that awakens beautiful feelings in me… beauty is not only something physical and it is important to appreciate it, as long as it is a set …

Are you that guy that buys anything new and innovative?
A few years ago yes… but over time I have stopped valuing material things

Communicating with ourselves and others is hard. Are you a direct person or do you use sideways to get there?
I am a person who finds it difficult to express his feelings according to what circumstances …As a general rule I am not a very direct person… maybe for fear of hurting the feelings of others… I usually think about things a lot before saying them.

What’s your harbor, your Ithaca?
My port would be to find professional stability in these difficult times that we are living… And of course, continue being happy surrounded by the people that matter to me.

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