«INNER WORK» – Rishabh Shawney by Judhajit Bagchi.



PHOTOGRAPHER: Judhajit Bagchi
CREATIVE: Ranadeep Bhattacharyya
PROJECT: Yaannus Atelier

Inner Work is a continuous process. For people dealing with mental health problems, this becomes a difficult fight that they have to endure every day. As artists and as human beings, we ourselves have been trying to meditate and keep our minds sane in the times of pandemic where we have to endure social isolation. We started making drawings and sketches of our experiences and arrived at the conclusion that inner work requires to be done every moment when one is struggling inside, as it is a continuous ongoing process to make peace with one’s thoughts. Every moment we have the potential within us to pull ourselves up and choose to be calm and as an observer be aware of the thoughts by listening to them and allowing them to have our attention. We need to save ourselves from negative emotions and thoughts that lead us to self loathing, guilt and fear. And that’s how we have captured every photo in the series where in between a single click, the performance artist in the frame counters his own thoughts to strive towards balance. Every photograph depicts that inner work visually.  Healthy Self ~ Heal Thy Self.

ARTIST BIO. Judhajit & Ranadeep are internationally acclaimed filmmakers, storytellers and video artists based in Mumbai, India and working globally. The duo are co-founders of Yaanus Atelier née Yaanus Films (www.yaanusfilms.com). Their style ranges from cinematic and classic to conceptual and experimental in both still photography and filmmaking. Yaanus Films is the first Indian production house to represent India at the prestigious Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards, Cannes and winner of the coveted Cannes Dolphin Trophy twice in 2015 & 2016. Their short film ‘Children of the Soil’ won the 66th National Award, 2019 (Audiography). They have chaired as a Jury for the prestigious London Fashion Film Festival, UK, Telly Awards USA and the International Business Award, USA.

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