«SHYNESS & SHAME» – Gustavo Vergani by Sidney Teodoro.

“Are you really ashamed?»

That’s the phrase that sums up this beautiful shoot made by the talented sid, what a look…

I still don’t understand how it is possible to feel so much shame and at the same time be so comfortable! Incredible professional!

I thought a lot about what people would say or think about posting a nude (artistic) photo, and how it could affect my professional or personal life, and in the end it didn’t matter because what I liked the most was being able to see myself through their eyes. someone else’s and see beauty where I didn’t see it myself.
I think that’s what’s most important, learning to love every little bit of you, no matter how much you have good and bad days, it’s you who is with you, always!
After all, here people can only see what is on the outside, what we post and not how we see ourselves and only we can see it.

Finally, sometimes in life you have to be afraid, ashamed, step out of your comfort zone, sometimes you just have to try, give it a chance, sometimes even a second chance for yourself to open a door or allow, to try to get it right even if wrong, and let life not be just made of assumptions.

And 3 kisses for those who called me ugly someday.



MODEL: Gustavo Vergani
PHOTOGRAPHER: Sidney Teodoro
ART DIRECTION: Thyago Bargmann

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