Efthimis Chatziapostolou by Panos Misailidis for MODUS VIVENDI.

MODEL: Efthimis Chatziapostolou
PHOTOGRAPHER: Panos Misailidis

If you are looking for Classic and show – stopper at the same time the Hermes line is your love to be.

Inspired by the Greek God Hermes this line is pure, classic and elegant. Every day essentials with fashion-forward and eye-catching pieces that you`ll love this summer. Deliver the message of your personal style gracefully with a touch of playfulness. Let loose and let the information flow from and to others until you have all it needs to elevate.

The Hermes line comprises of Jogging cut shorts, Longsleeves & Kaftan; combined with Modus Vivendi classic and pure cotton undergarments .

The Modus Vivendi Hermes line has a Breton style stripped print. Made of cotton fabric, these light weight, loose fitting garmentsare easy, stylish pieces to compliment your summer look; ideal both as loungewear or beachwear.

Exclusive interview with model Efthimis Chatziapostolou.

What would you choose if you could choose a different career?
I am a personal trainer and this is what I always dreamed of. To study and learn about the way one can build a healthy body and then teach this to others. Modeling is a part time hobby and a way to challenge myself and others around me. 

What’s your super power?
Not a super hero here lol … loyalty and passion for each goal is the secret power I believe in.

Any dietary tip? 
Not any particular nutritional advice to share, apart from the commons: drinking a lot of water and not consuming too much sugar and alcohol.

What do you do for fun? 
I cannot call myself a party animal, but I do enjoy a lot spending time with my friends starting with an early drink and stay outside all night long having fun in a club sometimes.

Favorite place to travel?  
I am not much fond of the winter holidays; mostly prefer adventures near a beach. 

Do you enjoy shopping and do you shop online or on brick stores?
I really like following fashion trends, but my way. I buy more and more online. I choose buying from brick stores only randomly and mostly when go out for coffee and something catches my eye.

Are you on any dating app?
I do prefer meeting people face to face, but honestly talking, many times I do check the social media profiles of who I meet.  

Are you currently in a relationship? 
I am single and open to private messages lol.                     

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