COVER BOY – Maicol Marinig by photographer Levi Ciani.

«There is an Italian painter named Carlotti who defined beauty… he said it is the sum of all the parts working together in such a way that nothing needs to be added, taken away or changed… and that is you: Beauty».

Jean-Albert Carlotti

«I’ve always been fascinated by photography and art in all its forms. An image represents a moment. A moment that if observed can become a story.
In this work, born as a game, we wanted to break the stereotype of the “Prince Charming” and the “Angel”. Yes, blond and blue-eyed, should I be angelic for this? Why couldn’t I be damned instead? Or a fallen angel maybe?
This experience was my first. I met Levi for the first time that shooting day. We immediately connected, a few warm-up shots and then one shot after another».



MODEL:Maicol Marinig
ART DIRECTION: Thyago Bargmann

More pictures from this photoshoot here:


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