«BON VOYAGE» – Oliver Buendía, Tom Busson and Alex Cifo by Alejandro Brito for ES Collection.


MODELS: Oliver Buendía, Tom Busson and Alex Cifo
PHOTOGRAPHER: Alejandro Brito
CLOTHING: ES COLLECTION SWIMWEAR COLLECTION 2019 – https://escollection.es/es/

  Bon Voyage inspired in the renewal of the 1960s as a result of the socio-cultural transformation experienced throughout the world, as well as by the idea of change representing constant evolution. ES Collection recreates the code of fashion worn in the 60’s where silhouettes take a more geometrical shape. Longer garments become shorter and waists become broader to emphasize curves. All retro styles are adapted to current needs and lifestyles, giving rise to a retro futurist aesthetic design which draws attention for its contrast and for being the most current revision of the 60s.

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