Angelos Theoharidhs, Konstantin Resch and Konstantinos Genethliou by Xanthos Georgiou for MODUS VIVENDI.

MODELS: Angelos Theoharidhs, Konstantin Resch and Konstantinos Genethliou
PHOTOTOGRAPHER: Xanthos Georgiou

Interview with model Konstantinos Genethliou.

How did the pandemic disturb your life and have you managed to find balance?
The pandemic has taught me to appreciate some things more which, I recently took those for granted. The most important, though, is freedom.

Do you believe in Utopia – what do you do to leave this world a better place?
Unfortunately, in these days, utopia is extremely difficult and even imaginary to exist, since nowadays people think greedily so it is difficult for people to coexist harmoniously.

What do you find sexy/sensual in your partner?
I consider sexy when my partner shows interest in herself. Sexy is to exercise, to take care of herself, her body and also her mind.

What is the one
a. thing you love doing?
b. thing you love having (item)?
a. I like to work-out and at the same time I enjoy to motivate others to work-out too since it’s my job as a trainer.
b. I love to ride my motorcycle.

We all need a win this year. What is yours?
My personal win for this year is to be always healthy and happy with a positive state of mind.

What do you want others remember you by?
I want everyone to remember me as a positive person who likes to give strength and motivation to others to move forward dynamically in their lives

What is beauty to you?
Beauty for me is when a person has a healthy state of mind, smiles and to take care of himself.

What is the quote that motivate you?
My quote is: Life is short and we must live as happily as possible, always making beautiful memories.

Interview with model Angelos Theocharidis

What is the quote that motivate you?
The quote that motivates me is “No pain, no gain”. I love this motivating
phrase and I telling that to my clients that I am training in the gym on a
daily basis. Pain is a little voice is your head that tries to hold you back, if
you push yourself harder and continue you will transform and change
your body. You will only reach your goals when you have push yourself
to the limit no matter the pain in the meantime.

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