«THE TEA OF GODS» by Thyago Bargmann.

This visual story was created with An Artistic Connection. Based on the masterpieces of Plato, David Kirk and Madonna where I gathered elements and points that align and necessary and no less important to make the continuation of the sacred masculine. With Plato’s Banquet where several philosophers of Ancient Greece gathered to debate and also drink (Love and Wine) about the origin of Love. Miss Spider’s Tea Party the children’s book by David Kirk tells the Narrative of a sweet and loving but needy Spider who just wanted to be accepted by other insect species and have true Friends. In one night listening to Madonna’s 1994 album Bedtime Stories with A glass of wine, traveling in melodies and messages and in a snap of my fingers I created this photographic story.
The great message of this work is about Love and Empathy. All men on this planet, origins, skins, generations, ideologies, ages, sexualities and spiritualities there are taboos and paradigms that need to change, where everyone has psychological and emotional «boxes» shaken by the whole game of the archaic and retrograde system. This can be the salvation or even the destruction of each one.Men are still not educated to face affection and reception, so they call themselves fragile, we still replicate homophobia and gayphobia in large or smaller gestures, we are not oriented to take care of mental and physical health, the effects of all types of drugs legal and illegal, we judge without the presence of our eyes and ears, fear and judge the feminine universe and all its powerful facets among women and still consider men who have their feminine side transparent and clean of dirty and weak.The world needs to change now. We can change our consciousness and we can make a difference. Loving and respecting your own species in a collective and individual way is a gift. Believing in the power of self-confidence is not easy, but it will make you stronger to face all the challenges that will go through your journey, but this is not to get in the way of others. Respect, dignity and freedom everyone deserves to have in a clean and fair way, and believing in the power of Friendship, in technological and immediatist times we cannot lose the real meaning of human and spiritual life.
I dedicate this work to all men who are awakening to a new stage of consciousness, in balance, and that you are not alone in some way and I say to everyone that these challenges only you can start to change and NO ONE else.



Caio Carniel
Adauto Carrino
Kyle Fox
Guilherme Ferraz
Beto Costa
João Koga
Mario Henrique
Phelipe Verissimo
Lucas Godoi
Vitor Chiessi
Alan Cafeu
Clau Antoni
Rodrigo Custodio

Thyago Bargmann

Michel Ferrari

Murilo Muritico

Andre Rodrigues



Spazio Higia

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