NOVEMBER COVER – «FREE YOURSELF» – Rafael Rodini by Thyago Bargmann.

BODY HABITARTE – Art lives inside.

Body Habitarte, termology created from several philosophical break coffees in which three students from the Visual Arts and Theater graduation courses fervently discussed different themes involving creative processes, social criticism, philosophy, sociology, art history (mainly Eastern and African), spiritualities, self-knowledge, psychology etc.
All these subjects vibrated inside my body in order to reflect in my work with the photographic language, whose theatricalities of the body revered my incessant wish to answer the central question of my line of research: what body is this?
The clues and directions began to appear as I plunged into the understanding that this body: plural, diverse, dissident and deviant, was the epicenter of any type of manifestation that (to my charm and fascination with Art) approached to the divine. The naked and raw, the body by itself, the present body, the absent body, the body that even in the presence becomes absence,…, the body that reflects what we are, maybe this is how I connect with what I record in plays and shows. I think of my body as a stage of life, this divine spark is the scenographic experience itself.
In 2020, new paths open up and, consequently, the potential to explore new horizons across borders and extensions that the development of research could take me, is expanded.
Associated with fashion, I start a career in which I leave the backstage and become the portrayed. The relationship with the cameras and the familiarity with the environment had always been welcoming to me, since during the entire graduation period and even before that, I was always the “guinea pig” of any photography course in studios and volunteer for demonstrations of techniques and visual elements. Why not put all these potentialities in a box and explore my own body? My own essence?
How far can my body go? As two Argentinian artists would say about the transmutation processes that our body-self undergoes: “It is a journey that we do not know where it will take us, but I believe that where there is love and consciousness, there is truth”. I’m not sure what this mixture of my experience, Rafa’s experience, will lead me to. But I believe that this whole experience has always existed because of my passion for art, it was never for the financial or the return that a particular work of my authorship could have. The greatest work I produced, I experience it every day, it is inside me, in my body, in my divine self. Body Habitarte is born with this perception that I occupy the space of Love and consciousness within me. Art vibrates from the inside out.



MODEL: Rafael Rodini
PHOTOGRAPHER: Thyago Bargmann
HARNESS: Ricok Couture
COLABORATION: Spazio Higia and Michel Ferrari
COVER DESIGN: Andre Rodrigues
PHOTOSHOOT and ART DIRECTOR: Thyago Bargmann and Aldo Diaz


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