DECEMBER COVER BOY – Vicente Mattos by Thyago Bargmann.

“Passion is a collection of your life experiences that give you the deepest sense of fulfillment”
Noeline Kirabo

I am passionate about people. Meeting, seeing and interacting with friends, family, and even strangers make me learn more about myself. My day becomes a vast universe of astonishing and unexpected connections with each eye contact, word exchange, or body signal. Those exchanges are the main reason why I love being in crowded places. That’s why I love parties, music festivals, and other places where there is an intense energy flow among everyone.

And talking about energy exchange, the best way to connect myself with the universe energies that are all around me is through music. I can literally feel the energy exchange between bodies because of the music’s melodies, rhythms, and beats. That’s why I’m so passionate about music. Every rhythm has the ability to make you feel the energy flow in a unique way. Funk does this with its rhythmic beats, pop music with its fluidity, electronic music with its captivating beats, and classical music with its perfect tone combination…

The combination of those rhythmic with the proper melodies are potential transformation tools. Due to this effect, I made the decision that music would play a key role in my life and shape who I am. And in order to do that, I define myself as a musician, and I’ve had a passion for the cello for over ten years. The Cello makes the most beautiful sound I‘ve ever heard. It has the ability of produce from the sweetest melodies to the darkest songs. Because of this versatility in sounds production, the shape of the instrument body, and the position to play it between the legs, makes the Cello a wonderful tool for creating songs and to energy transmission. The fact we play the instrument resting the body of it on the center of our chest, makes our body to feel every vibration produced by the bow rubbing against the strings.

Furthermore, what propels me forward is my passion for knowledge: the desire to explore, understand, and investigate. This passion inspired me to become a scientist. This desire to understand how things work, how light interacts with materials, and how bodies react to physical stimuli guided me through graduation, master’s degree, and now my Ph.D. in Biomolecular Physics. Curiosity moves me and pushes me to acquire and share knowledge. That is what drives my constant innovation of myself.

In conclusion, knowing that I can apply my passions to every aspect of my life gives me «the deepest sense of fulfillment.» All that things that motivates me can be recognized in my greatest passion: myself. I love the fact of how my skin holds a being that is more than just a shell for pictures. It is a whole being with a multitude of feelings, experiences, and cultures that makes me who I am.

Vicente Mattos.



MODEL: Vicente Mattos
PHOTOGRAPHER: Thyago Bargmann
COVER DESIGN: Andre Rodrigues


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