MY BOYS” by Benjamin Guillonneau


My Boys is an artistic photography book presenting nude portraits of 20 young men sorted by their first names over 320 pages. This high quality volume invites you to discover in a most intimate way Julien, Luc, Guillaume and many more… My Boys, soon in your hands with Kickstarter.


MY BOYS, 20 Strangers and Lovers, Vol. 1. PARIS, is a photography book of artistic and erotic nudes, made up of 20 men’s portraits, offering an intimate and priviliged exposure. Each boy is revealed through a 16 pages series, associating portraits, anatomical details and suggetive poses. Yes there is some butts and full frontal in this book, and the real diffcult aspect was to not cross the limit of pornography, what is ver subjective. It’s beautiful, but it’s raw. It will contain 200 clichés presented on 320 pages.

Chosen because of an encounter or a crush, there is no necessity of showing perfect bodies, but faces and looks which are in inspiring. It is about studying the human body in its beauty and its small defects which make each one’s personality.


MY BOYS is organized like a r names directory. To each model’s first name is associated a text, written as an erotic narratives, mixing intimate confessions and one-night ands. Inpired by images, etymology, or great men of this world, we raise a fictionalized portrait of each man and present, between glorified reality and poetic ion, their generic personality. With MY BOY, you won’t see these first names, your first name, in the same way anymore. All texts will be translated in French and in English.


This book will be a luxurious case dedicated to photo report. Advantageous dimensions, 24x34x3,5 cm, weighing 1,5 kilo, a thick hardcover with a leather finish , and a printing of engraved text mirrors (by hot amping silver), a silver edge old-books- style and a protecting varnish.
Printed on 170gr paper, MY BOYS lines up in the category of beautiful art books, those whom we expose proudly in our bookcase, and those whom we offer to aesthetes.


Benjamin Guillonneau is art director and works in advertising, fashion and photo for more than 12 years. On a daily basis, he helps brands with their products’ valuation strategies and manages production and post-production via his communication agency. Managing dire or of RAISE for 6 years, photography, contemporary art and trends magazine, he collaborated with various photographers. Naturally and in a self-educated manner, he begins photo to put in images his own ideas. This book represents its first constructed, thoughful and organized work as photographer. He chose a really vital theme for him, as much as drink, eat or sleep: the boys.

In this very personal project, he is joined by Florian Bardou for the texts-writing. He brings a new look, an outside look but more than anything a neutral look. The author doesn’t know “the boys” or their lives, he offers his own interpretation of images and names, without knowing what really connects every model to the photographer. Florian is a young independent web and print journalist , working for, Streetpress, Metronew, Trax or ça m’intéresse (and others). Pa voice of LGBT press (Yagg and Têtu), he is especially passionate by social movements, environment, Americas, current music, but also attractive boys.


MY BOYS is also a project in perpetual reinvention. That way, the photographer considers good to make his work travel all over the world. Every destination will give rise to a new volume, a reflection of a unique journey or city. Decline it to others countries, it’s also a way to prove that this is not a motionless project but an evolutionary one which will progress thanks to meetings. This first names guides will also become a social and cultural guide, offering you a panel of the mo beautiful boys of each big city : Barcelona, London, Berlin or New York for example.


The kickstarter is a way to te the public for this r volume , without engaging pre-money only much time and energy . It will pay the printing of 500 copies minimum and goodies, the creation of the website, to pay the author of the texts, the translator, and the layout of the book. It is possible to invest in the project until 10 June , with delivery scheduled end of the book in September 2016 .



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